How To Buy AC & Heating Equipment or Repair Service from HVAC Contractors

This site contains useful information and resources to help you make decisions about air conditioning and heating for your home or business. In the site, you will find unbiased facts and observations organized by topic and level of detail you need. Although we do provide some brand specific information, everything you read here was intentionally researched and written from a “brand neutral” viewpoint. The findings here come from our interviews with HVAC industry experts, air conditioning and heating contractors, equipment manufacturers, and homeowners.

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A/C and heating equipment can generally be divided into two categories: central systems and portable units. This site focuses on central air conditioning and heating systems and the main categories of repair, maintenance and replacement plus related AC topics. We also included information about fixed (non-portable) ductless air conditioners and heat pumps that are designed for smaller spaces. If you are seeking resources on window air conditioners and portable room heaters, we recommend you visit a site that focuses on those.

Achieving a comfortable and healthy indoor environment involves more than just cooling or heating of the air. You will find the information you need here on air filters, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, air duct cleaning, carbon monoxide detection and prevention, and other indoor air quality topics.

Decisions you make about heating and air conditioning in your home or business directly affect energy usage and your bills every month. This site also addresses energy use and conservation improvements, such as radiant barriers and solar screens, emphasizing the “whole house” approach.

The topic of air conditioning and heating involves a lot of details and tends to be time consuming to work through. So that you can find the topic and level of detail you want quickly, we organized the site navigation as follows: