Who we are and why we built this website

AirConditioning-and-Heating.com is published by Paratus Corporation, a Texas Corporation based in Austin and formed in 1989. Most of our work involves Internet search and related marketing. When choosing to focus on this topic, we set our goals for researching and publishing this website as follows:

To promote more effective use of energy by providing our readers with useful information about indoor comfort and saving money.

It takes a lot of effort to publish a website like this and keep it updated, and we are asked from time to time about why we are doing it. The simple answer: because we find the topic engaging and know that it will be beneficial for our readers. A/C and heating is a complex topic that’s definitely worth writing about. We aim to simplify the subject so more people can benefit from that knowledge.

Brand neutral and free of undue influence
From a consumer point of view, everything you read here is independent of undue influence from any other company. We did receive lots of good information or advice from many sources and credited them wherever possible. As stated on our home page, this website is intentionally “brand neutral”. Although we do mention equipment brands in a few places, we did not accept payments or anything for including them. To the limited extent advertising is present, (the local HVAC service companies on our city pages are advertisers), we disclose it.

About our lead researcher
Our lead researcher for this project maintains a real passion for air conditioning, heating and topics related to indoor air quality. He got his first university degree in environmental science, plus he had five years experience managing a small commercial building. His duties there included keeping guests comfortable, paying the utility bills, and contracting for the maintenance and repair of an ancient HVAC system. Eventually, he got a stack of proposals and price quotes to get the system replaced. During the decryption of these price quotes, he got the idea for the free bid organizer you will find here. For all these reasons, he and the subjects of energy efficiency, combustion, refrigerants, air filtration, humidity, temperature, mold (and more) proved to be a natural match.

We trust you will find this site useful and accurate. If you do, please save the address to your favorites and tell others. If not, take a moment and send an e-mail to let us know what we can do to improve it.

Gary Walker

Paratus Corporation
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P.S. For technical questions or advice, please call a local air conditioning and heating service company in your city. You will find these on the right side of the page. For feedback, requests or questions about the website or its content contact us by e-mail.