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Get Ahead Of The Crowd On Your Furnace And Heating

On a regular basis, I read HVAC industry publications and a forum. This week, I was reminded of another reason home and building owners need to plan ahead for their heating and AC needs. By planning ahead I mean basically two things: 1- interview and select the local HVAC service company you want to use when it comes times to repair or replace your furnace, boiler, heat pump or central heating system. 2- Get on an annual maintenance program with that local company. Before going further, I’ll drill into these a bit more.

Make Your Selection When Companies Are Not Busy
By selecting a local service provider ahead of time, you can make your selection when you are not in a hurry, and your local AC heating companies are not slammed with their seasonal spikes in business. Therefore, you should make your choice during a time of the year that is not hot or cold in your area. Or if it is hot or cold, try to make it after the first few days of hot or cold weather arrive, because that’s when more systems fail or previous failures get noticed.

Annual Maintenance Plans Prevent Emergency Repairs, Save Energy and More
Unlike extended warranties, that require a good bit of scrutiny to choose good values from poor ones, an annual maintenance plan on your AC heating system should pay for itself many times over.  The main benefits: 1– prevents small problems from turning into major repairs in the equipment or your home or building, 2– can save on energy or fuel costs and lower your monthly bills. 3– looks for gas leaks, carbon monoxide, and other potential safety issues.

Anyway, back to the HVAC forum from this week, here’s a summary of what I read: In spite of relatively high unemployment around the U.S., a surprising number of heating and air conditioning companies are having a difficult time find qualified technicians. Some HVAC  business owners even described going to high school vocational programs to start the selection and grooming process early for future technicians. The heating and AC company owners gave several possible reasons for this phenomenon. Their explanations included: candidates having necessary aptitude to work with their hands, increasing  need for technical HVAC training, physically challenging work environment (in attics, under floors, etc.), parental focus on white collar type training and jobs over skilled labor/ blue collar, and relatively low pay for the amount of training and type of physical working conditions involved.

The above facts, coupled with the topic of our previous blog about HVAC and plumbing vocational training in prisons, really convinced me that interviewing and selecting local service providers ahead of time and using their annual maintenance program is the way to go.  If you choose this route, there are many useful resources on this site to help you.

Fall Reminder: Get Your Furnace Checked Now for Efficiency and to Help Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Our blog today is to remind our readers that fall is an ideal time of year to get your home or office furnace checked for safety and efficiency.  If you are on an annual preventative maintenance program with a local HVAC company, this should happen as one of your two annual system checkups. There is normally one visit in the spring for A/C and a second one in the fall before you need to start using your home heating for the season.

If the heat/fuel source for your heating system involves combustion, such as natural gas, the safety check for carbon monoxide is especially important.  The reason is simple: if the heat exchanger or other part(s) of the unit is not working as it should, toxic carbon monoxide (CO) gas can be accidentally introduced into your indoor environment.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless and dangerous gas. You can read more about it on our website here

Don’t Skimp When Safety is Involved

We have heard lately that, due to the strain on household budgets, some homeowners are delaying not only the buying of new equipment, but even maintenance! Some are only requesting HVAC service when their heating or cooling stops working.  Bluntly put, carbon monoxide can be a serious threat, and it is not something to put off. Further, it should only be done only by a professional who is licensed, trained, and experienced in work with combustion heating systems.

If you have not had your home heating system checked yet this year, we urge you to do it today.

Maintenance will help prevent carbon monoxide from being produced.  You can also ask about a carbon monoxide alarm to alert you if something changes and carbon monoxide does get produced.  In addition to being safer, maintenance saves money on your monthly bill. Don’t wait! After you take care of this, please send us your experiences to us, so others can benefit from what you learned.