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Heating Oil Costs To Rise in The U.S. This Winter

To keep up with emerging trends related to air conditioning and heating, I like to use Google Fast Flip. While reading it for today’s blog, I found two articles stating that heating oil costs will be significantly higher this winter.  According to an article in the Christian Science Monitor, heating oil costs will go up over $250 a year for the average homeowner, and the annual cost for heating oil will rise about 13%, to just over $2,200 per year.  Another article from the Hartford Courant (online version) describes heating oil contracts. Those articles are linked at the end of this post.
In parts of the country where heating oil and boilers are the primary source of indoor heating, this is not good news. With more than 20% of U.S. home mortgages “underwater”, and the economic recovery and employment levels struggling to get traction, higher utility bills are the last thing anyone needs.

Since this website focuses on ways to save money and energy in both the purchase and operation of heating and AC equipment, we’ll use this news to emphasize an important fact:

Over the lifetime of a heating (and AC) system, the initial purchase price is often a fraction of the total cost of owning your system.

Too often, though, the initial purchase price gets a disproportionate share of attention, leaving fuel cost, maintenance and repairs with less scrutiny than they deserve.

To help organize and compare the purchase price and operating costs, we provide a free heating and AC cost comparison grid. If you find it useful, please let us know. If you would like to see different features in it, send them over and we’ll consider them for the next edition.
To read the full articles that inspired our article today, go to Christian Science Monitor and Hartford Courant .