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Why A Heating and Cooling Comfort or Performance Guarantee from Your Contractor is Important

When you have a new heating and A/C system installed, one of the more important – but sometimes overlooked – guarantees is a performance or “comfort” guarantee from the local contractor or dealer that installs it.  To be clear, we’re not talking about the typical parts and labor defect warranty from the equipment manufacturer or dealer.  Rather, this is about performance:  a guarantee of how cool your indoor space can be made when it’s a specific hot temperature outside, and vice-versa in the winter.

Of course your ducts will have to be replaced or at least sealed to achieve the targeted comfort from the new equipment.  However, since duct sealing delivers a high return on its cost, it should be done under most circumstances anyway.

The reason you need this guarantee in writing is straight forward: depending on what time of year your AC and heating equipment gets installed, it may be several months before it can be tested with real outside extreme temperatures. If in the spring or fall, neither extreme could likely be tested at the time of installation.

Below are two examples of Heating and Cooling Comfort Guarantees
Heating comfort guarantee: 72 degrees inside at 26 degrees outside temperature.
Cooling comfort guarantee: 74 degrees inside at 96 degrees outside temperature.

A reasonable time to achieve the guaranteed temperature, or a “base” or starting temperature is a variable in a scenario such as this, and should be factored into the equation.