Have You Cleaned or Changed Your Home Air-Conditioner Filter lately?

On our short list of the highest impact, easiest actions you can take to save money on your monthly utility bills, changing the A/C filter in your house or apartment is near the top.  It’s the number 3 item to be exact.  Filter changes are easy and inexpensive enough that we could have just as easily given them the number one spot, though.

Depending on the type of filter element(s) in your system, the time interval between changes usually runs one month, but can be longer on some types of filters.  All air filter elements need to be changed or cleaned on a recurring basis, though.  In addition, they all have the following attributes in common:

  1. Changing or cleaning your AC filter on a regular basis will save you money on your energy bills
  2. Keeping clean filters will also save you money and time with lower repairs and related costs
  3. When your HVAC system works more efficiently,  you likely be more comfortable indoors
  4. In addition to protecting the A-C and heating equipment, filters are available that take out allergens and other contaminants that can adversely affect your health
  5. To keep track of changes, and in case multiple people are involved in filter maintenance, it’s a good idea to make and post a simple reminder grid with the following items:
  • Change/Clean Frequency
  • Dimensions of Filter (length, width, thickness)
  • Number of filters in the system
  • Location of filters
  • Type of filter and, if applicable, brand
  • Where to purchase or order filters
  • Whether or not the filter is user (owner) serviceable
  • Date of last change or cleaning

We hope this reminder helps save you energy and be more comfortable. We look forward to reading your comments and suggestions.

One thought on “Have You Cleaned or Changed Your Home Air-Conditioner Filter lately?

  1. mitchell moore

    I work for a residential ac company based in Chicago and this is by far the most common reason directly related to poor ac unit performance, compressor failure, condensate leaks, high utility bills and high humidity conditions. I will say that filter changes on a regular basis is the most important maintenance that a home owner can perform.

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