Maintenance or repair of your AC and heating system: pay a little now or pay a lot more later

Would any reasonable person wait until the engine of their car seizes up to think about checking or changing the oil? Of course not. In addition to the inconvenience, repairing or replacing a car engine costs a lot more than an oil change. Therefore, most people have their car serviced two or more times each year or at certain mileage intervals.

Why then, do so many people wait until their home or building air conditioner won’t cool or their furnace won’t ignite to call their HVAC service company? Not only do they have to pay more for repair or replacement than they would have for air conditioning or heating system maintenance. On the first really hot or cold day in their area, people who skimp on having their A/C and heating system maintained usually line up behind their neighbors who did the same. They might even have to stay home from work to meet the service company when repair calls get backed up.

Having your HVAC system put on a yearly schedule of having the A/C serviced in the spring and the heater tested in the fall saves money and time. The monetary savings aren’t limited to repairs either. A good example is found in the way air conditioners run. A home A/C system will run and produce cool air, even if the refrigerant (often known as Freon) is somewhat lower than optimum. However, it won’t run or cool nearly as efficiently as it would at optimum levels. The result: you can save on utility bills every month, plus have fewer or lower cost repairs and save time with a well-tuned system.

With the direct cost of oil bumping $110 per barrel (not to mention the indirect costs and concerns) we should save on fossil fuels and electricity every place we can. Since nearly everyone uses heating and cooling daily, scheduled HVAC maintenance is an ideal place to start. Do it now and you will avoid the summer rush.

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  2. James

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