Product Review: Air Duct and Zoning Options From Jackson Systems

This is our second post in a series about ways to get more zones of comfort and lower utility bills from your AC and heating system. Before going further, since a manufacturer is listed here, we’ll repeat our usual “brand neutrality disclaimer”: we chose this topic on our own, and do not get paid by the manufacturer or other parties for writing this article.

In our last post on this topic, we talked about hot and cold spots, and wasted heating and cooling (the problems), and  reviewed Fujitsu Halcyon systems as one solution. Their system is an option if you are ready to replace or install a new AC and heating system.  Today’s post describes the features and benefits of products produced by Jackson Systems, a manufacturer based in Indianapolis Indiana.

The equipment in today’s post differs from the last one, in that a qualified AC and heating contractor can install or retrofit Jackson zoning equipment in an existing AC and heating system or as part of a new installation on most brands of heating and AC equipment. As a practical matter, though, an existing system would need to be in good shape — both the integrity of the ductwork and the indoor and outdoor components — for a retrofit to make sense.

In preparing for today’s post, we talked with the manufacturer by phone. Their representative answered our questions patiently, and also provided the address of their consumer info website. We’ll include some Q & A info from their site (edited and highlighted by us for brevity) and will provide their consumer website address in resources at the end of this article.

Features and Benefits of Zoning Equipment from Jackson Systems

Comfort System™ zone control enables one HVAC unit to have up to 12 separate temperature zones. The zones are controlled by motorized dampers located in the ductwork, and individual thermostats.

Wireless. The installer doesn’t have to run control wiring between the dampers and the control panel. Because the communication system is wireless, a lot of time and labor costs can be saved.

You could benefit from zone control if you have any of the following:

  • Home with two or more stories
  • Large, open areas with vaulted ceilings or lofts
  • Sprawling or ranch-style house
  • Bonus rooms
  • Finished basement
  • Rooms with large areas of glass
  • Areas that require multiple temperatures such as a home theater or gym
  • Home built on a concrete slab
  • Rooms that require less heating and cooling than others — such as guest bedrooms or in-laws quarter.

A licensed contractor should be able to install a the equipment in a half day to full day, depending on the application.

The equipment comes with a 10-year warranty on the panels, and a 5-year warranty on dampers. You will need to ask your local professional — who installs the equipment — if they provide any temperature assurance or labor warranty.  Overall, the quality of the installation is a key factor to your comfort and satisfaction in all matters related to heating and AC.

Additional resources for zoning and choosing an AC and heating contractor

Visit the consumer information website from the manufacturer, Jackson Systems or call them at 888-652-9663

Quick tips from our website on how to choose a good HVAC contractor.

If you’ve had experience with HVAC zones – either had a system installed, or are the installers — please post your comments.

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